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   uEye LE

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กล้องอุตสาหกรรม USB 2.0 uEye รุ่น LE : อเนกประสงค์ กะทัดรัด คุ้มค่า

      กล้อง USB 2.0 uEye รุ่น LE  เป็นกล้องอเนกประสงค์และคุ้มค่าสำหรับการทำโครงงนพื่อใช้งานทั้งในและนอกภาคอุตสาหกรรม โครงสร้างมีให้เลือกใช้ทั้งแบบตัวถังพลาสติกพร้อม C/CS mount หรือจะเป็นระดับบอร์ดพร้อมด้วยสกรูยึดเลนส์ M12 หรือ M14 ความละเอียดของกล้องมีให้เลือกตั้งแต่ VGA จนถึงความละเอียดระดับ 10 M พิเซล

USB 2 uEye LE industrial camera: The ideal project camera - compact, versatile and reasonably-priced


    The USB uEye LE series is a versatile and reasonably-priced range of cameras for use in industrial and non-industrial projects, which nonetheless ticks all the boxes in terms of sensor technology and versatility. You can choose from next generation CMOS sensors from well-known European manufacturers in resolutions ranging from VGA up to 10 megapixels.

    The compact camera is available either with a plastic compound housing with a C/CS-mount lens adapter, or as a board-level version with an M12 or M14 lens holder or without a lens holder. Thanks to the adjustable flange back distance, fluctuations of standard lenses can be prevented, which means that zoom lenses can also be used. The board-level version comes with two general purpose I/Os, a built-in trigger and flash, as well as a built-in I2C bus for controlling external devices. This makes the camera ideal for small device construction.



uEye SE Series

Item Interface Mono / Color Resolution  Size  Pixel Frame rate Shutter Sensor  Sensor Brand HDR
UI-1220LE-C-HQ USB 2.0  Color         752x480  1/3"   0.36M  87.2 fps  Global  CMOS  Aptina  No
UI-1220LE-M-GL USB 2.0  Mono       752x480  1/3"   0.36M  87.2 fps  Global  CMOS  Aptina  No
UI-1540LE-M-GL USB 2.0  Mono
    1280x1024  1/2"        1M    25 fps  Rolling
 CMOS  Aptina  No
UI-1640LE-C-HQ USB 2.0  Color
 1/3"        1M    25 fps  Rolling  CMOS  Aptina  No
UI-1240LE-NIR-GL USB 2.0  Mono     1280x1024  1/1.8"        1M 25.8 fps  Rolling/Global  CMOS  e2v  No
UI-1240LE-C-HQ USB 2.0  Color
    1280x1024  1/1.8"        1M 25.8 fps  Rolling/Global  CMOS  e2v  No
USB 2.0  Mono     1280x1024  1/1.8"        1M 25.8 fps  Rolling/Global  CMOS  e2v  No 
UI-1250LE-C-QH USB 2.0  Color     1600x1200  1/1.8"        2M 17.6 fps  Rolling/Global  CMOS  e2v  No
UI-1250LE-M-GL USB 2.0  Mono     1600x1200
 1/1.8"        2M 17.6 fps  Rolling/Global  CMOS  e2v
UI-1550SE-C-HQ USB 2.0  Color    1600x1200  1/3"        2M 18.3 fps  Rolling
 CMOS  Aptina  No
USB 2.0  Color    2048x1536  1/2"        3M 11.2 fps  Rolling  CMOS  Aptina  No
UI-1480LE-M-GL USB 2.0  Mono    2560x1920  1/2"        5M  6.3 fps  Rolling/Global  CMOS  Aptina  No
UI-1580LE-C-HQ USB 2.0  Color    2560x1920  1/2"        5M  6.3 fps  Rolling/Global  CMOS  Aptina
UI-1490LE-C-HQ USB 2.0  Color    3840x2748  1/2"      10M  3.2 fps  Rolling  CMOS  Aptina  No
UI-1490LE-M-GL USB 2.0  Mono    3840x2748  1/2"      10M  3.2 fps  Rolling  CMOS  Aptina  No



uEye SE Series / Board Level

Item Interface Mono / Color Resolution  Size  Pixel Frame rate Shutter Sensor  Sensor Brand HDR
UI-1221LE-C-HQ USB 2.0  Color
 1/3"   0.36M  87.2 fps  Global  CMOS  Aptina  No
UI-1221LE-M-GL USB 2.0  Mono     752x480  1/3"   0.36M  87.2 fps  Global  CMOS  Aptina  No
UI-1241LE-NIR-GL USB 2.0  Mono
    1280x1024  1/1.8"        1M  25.8 fps  Rolling/Global
 CMOS  e2v
UI-1241LE-C-HQ USB 2.0  Color
 1/1.8"        1M  25.8 fps  Rolling/Global  CMOS  e2v
UI-1241LE-M-GL USB 2.0  Mono     1280x1024  1/1.8"        1M  25.8 fps  Rolling/Global  CMOS  e2v  No
UI-1541LE-M-GL USB 2.0  Mono
    1280x1024  1/2"        1M    25 fps  Rolling  CMOS  Aptina
USB 2.0  Mono     1280x1024  1/3"        1M    25 fps  Rolling  CMOS  Aptina
UI-1251LE-C-HQ USB 2.0  Color     1600x1200  1/1.8"        2M 17.6 fps  Rolling/Global  CMOS  e2v
UI-1251LE-M-GL USB 2.0  Mono     1600x1200
 1/1.8"        2M 17.6 fps  Rolling/Global  CMOS  e2v
UI-1461LE-C-HQ USB 2.0  Color     2048x1536  1/2"        3M 11.2 fps  Rolling
 CMOS  Aptina  No
USB 2.0  Mono
  2560x1920  1/2"        5M  6.3 fps  Rolling/Global  CMOS  Aptina  No
UI-1581LE-C-HQ USB 2.0  Color   2560x1920  1/2"        5M  6.3 fps  Rolling/Global  CMOS  Aptina  No
UI-1491LE-C-HQ USB 2.0  Color   3840x2748  1/2"      10M  3.2 fps  Rolling  CMOS  Aptina  No
UI-1491LE-M-GL USB 2.0  Mono   3840x2748  1/2"      10M  3.2 fps  Rolling  CMOS  Aptina  No